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"What a fantastic night!"

- Pride Portland (Portland, ME) 


Written and Performed by

Sarah S. Kilborne 

A Showcase of

Queer Music Before World War II

People commonly believe that the LGBT movement began in 1969 with the Stonewall Riots, but a hundred years ago queer men and women were claiming their identities in the public sphere - and singing about it too. Written and created by performance artist Sarah Kilborne, The Lavender Blues introduces a little known yet revolutionary moment in music history when pioneering artists sang boldly about sexual and gender fluidity - brave even for today, and as deliciously fun and inspiring as ever. 


Run time: 90 minutes, no intermission 



"Sarah's show is an eye-opener whether you are straight or LGBTQA - It's a glimpse into a world and music you don't know. It is as entertaining as it is educational, and funny."

- Neil Gaiman, author

"Sarah Kilborne's first one-woman show is an enlightening, enchanting trip to a place in time you never knew took place: Kilborne, creator and performer, has not only unearthed buried treasure, she brings its ghosts to life and glory."

- Enid Futterman,


"In a workshop with my students and in a public performance for the wider Texas A&M community, Kilborne introduced queer narratives and queer histories that were new to many. In analytical writing assignments that my students completed soon after seeing the show, several revealed that they had been transformed by the experience.” 

- James R. Ball III, Director of the Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts,

Associate Professor of Performance Studies, Texas A&M University


"We were thrilled to bring The Lavender Blues to our community. Witty, funny and so much more, this show is a smart, entertaining way to remember and learn about our history." 

- Michelle Patrick, Co-chair Pride Portland!


"Sarah Kilborne has created a capitivating blend of history and music, bringing to light stories from our past that have too long been hidden. It is rare to find a show that so deftly presents challinging historical material woven together with a masterful musical performance.'"

- Kate Preissler, Director, Wistariahurst Museum


"An amazing performance. I had no idea of so much of this history." 

- Michael Weidrich, former Executive Director & CEO,

Pride Center of the Capital Region


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"The songs are as good as the story and Kilborne is as good as the songs."  

Photos: Jane O'Connor

Sarah S. Kilborne is an author, performance artist and LGBTQ activist. She has written about LGBTQ issues for Slate, the Huffington Post, the Advocate and more. In 2013 she produced and co-starred in the music video for marriage equality, “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby,” which lead to the creation of The Lavender Blues.  She is founder of the equal rights campaign Kiss for Equality (originally "The Supreme Kiss") which has more than 40,000 followers on Facebook and advocates for LGBTQ rights in the United States and abroad. For more regarding her books, music and performances, please visit




Sarah Kilborne 

Goodtown Productions


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